Building Our Digital Identity

This month’s gathering of T&LI’s Online and Blended Faculty Community focused on the topic of Building Our Digital Identity. Some of the topics we covered were: What isDigital Identity? Is it something that is worth my time? How do I get started with developing my online presence? Should I create a personal website?  Can social media be an asset to me?  Today, we started an important conversation that will definitely continue on campus.



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Additional Resources

Crafting Your Digital Scholarly Presence (MSU)

Creating Your Web Presence: A Primer for Academics by Miriam Posner

Intentional Web Presence: 10 SEO Strategies Every Academic Needs to Know by Patrick Lowenthal

How are you developing your academic digital identity? by Leah Bryce

Being a Scholar in the Digital Era by Carl Straumsheim


Tactical Twitter by Bonnie Stewart

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