Inspired by Openness

Over the past few weeks, I have been in the role of a student.  Along with Jaime Hannans and Jacob Jenkins,  I am participating in the 10 week Creative Commons Certificate program. We decided to take part in this 10 week program to improve our knowledge of Creative Commons licensing as it pertains to our work with openCI. I am excited to share that I am not only thoroughly enjoying being in the seat of a student again again, I am also learning a great deal about Creative Commons.  I thought I would learn about how to use CC licenses and maybe a little history. What I didn’t expect was to become even more passionate about the open education movement. As I deepen my understanding of this movement, I feel more strongly that openCI is a key element in the success of our students at CSUCI.  We began openCI with the intent of reducing the cost of textbooks for our students. It was a lofty and worthy goal. Little did I know that I was joining an international movement focused on better aligning learning with the possibilities the internet provides. The open movement is about much, much more than affordability. It is about adapting the way we learn, share, and create in a world where the internet exists. The following videos “Why Open Education Matters” and “Creative Commons: Remix” inspired me to keep learning and keep sharing about this important movement. Enjoy!


Creative Commons: Remix from Creative Commons on Vimeo.

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