Introducing Digital Learning Mentors (DLMs)

What is a Digital Learning Mentor? A DLM is a CSUCI Faculty member with extensive training and experience designing and facilitating student-centered learning that leverages digital tools. At CSUCI, TLi’s Learning Design team is thrilled to partner with six DLMs, representing a variety of disciplines and teaching experiences, to extend our team’s ability to support our campus in carrying the digital learning superpowers gained through more than a year of virtual instruction, into post-pandemic practice. 

The Ups and Downs of Digital Tools

While you would likely agree that digital tools are a ubiquitous part of the learning landscape, we know they do not replace teaching. However, when used strategically, digital tools can exponentially improve inclusivity and engagement. Not only in online or virtual courses, but in all modalities. But, digital tools can also prove frustrating, time-consuming, or inadvertently result in inequitable access. How can we enjoy the ups and minimize the downs of digital tools?

We all need a team! 

This is not just a challenge for faculty. In Learning Design we too grapple with choosing the right design, learning new tools, and testing new approaches that result in a satisfying and inclusive learning experience.  But we have the benefit of working within the TLi team. We have a network, on campus and throughout the CSU, with whom we can tap for ideas, troubleshooting, and encouragement. With so many “ways” to design and facilitate a course, it can be both exciting and overwhelming. Having a support network can help you see the forest and the trees. 

Individualized Support

Whether you consider yourself an expert, novice, or somewhere in-between, when it comes to leveraging your digital toolkit, you can connect with a DLM as part of your teaching team. Faculty at CSUCI have worked tirelessly to reimagine their teaching for virtual instruction.  DLMs can help with anything from “how to” use Canvas, to setting up group work, to helping you identify and learn to use a digital tool, and more. Whether seeking support for your teaching now or planning a course for next term, send your questions via email or schedule to meet in Zoom. Mentors encompass a wide range of skills and experiences. Seek out any mentor based on your specific teaching need. 

So who are the DLMs? 

Visit the DLM website to find out! Watch their intro videos and learn about their favorite tools and areas of digital teaching and learning expertise. Mentors will be partnering with Learning Design for the remainder of the 2021-2022 Academic Year. We look forward to learning about faculty’s needs and amazing teaching innovations through this exciting partnership!

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