Video Captioning

Have you joined the many instructors across the nation that have flipped or blended their courses? Are you using video to support student learning?  Do you have videos that you use repeatedly each semester? If yes, I am sure the thought of captioning your videos is daunting. T&L Innovations is here to help!  We have set up a process for CI Faculty to submit videos for captioning. You may do this by visiting  Once the form is submitted, the estimated turnaround time is 7 working days depending on the length of the video(s) and the number of requests submitted.

As you may or may not know, CI and all CSU campuses are required by law to ensure that instructional materials, resources, and services are accessible to all students. Captioning videos is one thing we can do to support this effort and student learning on our campus.

If you have any questions about video captioning in CI Learn or the above linked form, please email

For more information and resources pertaining to the accessibility of instructional materials, please visit our Accessible Technology Instructional Materials page.

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