Fall 2021: A Semester in Numbers

The past twenty months have been breathtaking. Many may remember the highly visible role that Teaching and Learning Innovations assumed when, as a community, California State University Channel Islands moved to emergency remote—and later virtual—teaching and learning during the COVID-19 pandemic that we are still very much dealing with today.

By comparison, Fall 2021 may have seemed quiet for TLi as our campus navigated the demands of this academic term. However, we were anything but quiet.

To celebrate and acknowledge the many accomplishments of this lean-but-mighty team during Fall 2021, we assembled this info-video, “TLi: A Semester in Numbers.” On its own, this video reports tremendous work from a tremendous team. But, because we are trained in data analysis and qualitative coding (among other things), we would also like to point to a theme we see in this video: infrastructure.

Teaching and Learning Innovations is comprised of learning designers, academic technologists, specialists in media and accessible/inclusive design, and administrative analysts. Sometimes, it can be challenging to articulate our value to those outside the inner circle of our daily work because a digital learning infrastructure is largely invisible. That is, when an infrastructure is functioning well, most people don’t notice it. It’s when something is broken that the magnitude of that thing becomes more apparent. There’s even a term for this in education: What You See Is All There Is (WYSIATI); and a similar concept in popular psychology: the magical mind, which believes that things are only as they seem. In semiotics, the way a symbol is interpreted by the reader is just as important as the way it was intended by the writer, even though the interpretation and original intention may differ.

This is all to say that what we hope you see in this video is more than a list of the work we did. We hope you see:

  • Scholarly contributions to peer-reviewed venues (e.g., Handbook of Online Learning; Online Learning Consortium)
  • Teaching & facilitation (e.g., designing & conducting faculty development; facilitating multi-week courses)
  • Service to the University and the profession (e.g., serving on hiring committees, panels, etc.)
  • Direct and indirect impacts on students (e.g., Writing & Multiliteracy Center flipped workshops; student engagement hours)
  • Learning technologies (e.g., Canvas; Zoom; PlayPosit, etc.)
  • Actions toward Equity and Inclusion (e.g., A.I.D. badges; CASEPS partnership)
  • Technical and pedagogical support (e.g., consultations & work orders)
  • Fiscal planning (e.g., budget proposals)
  • Strategy & strategic relationships (e.g., Strategic Plan; Zoom cloud storage maintenance)
  • Professional artistry (e.g., photography; design)
  • Teamwork and cross-divisional collaboration (e.g., Digital Learning Mentors; CSUCCESS, etc.)
  • Administrative tasks (e.g., contracts; payment)
  • Humanity and life (e.g., birthdays; marriage)

Thank you for watching and for seeing us through our contributions to the community. Thank you even more for partnering with us, whether we worked together this year or will work together in years to come. Happy Holidays from the Teaching & Learning Innovations team!

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