Changing the face of Wikipedia

Wow! Way to go Dr. Julia Balén. Nice job taking the leap and providing the opportunity for  CI students to become editors of Wikipedia.  What a fabulous and authentic opportunity for students to research, write and collaborate.  Below are a few words from Julia about her efforts.

Have you ever noticed what isn’t on Wikipedia? Try looking up the term “Chicana.” You won’t find it. There’s a reason: the number of Wikipedia editors who are women is somewhere between 9-15%. And, as best anyone can figure out, they are predominantly white males between 20-40 years old who have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Some of us are working to balance the viewpoint. This semester, in my Freedom and Justices Studies/Philosophy 210 course, Ethics for a Free World, students are required to edit a bit of Wikipedia of their choice related to topics covered in the class. The only reason I dared to take this on as soon as I heard about it was because there is now a foundation that is supporting faculty integrating similar assignments in their classes: Wikiedu: We are only the second CSU campus to participate, but I am hopeful that others will take this opportunity to change the face/voice of this fourth most searched site in the world.,_Channel_Islands/Ethics_for_a_Free_World_%28Spring_2015%29