To Create or Cram

This vlog (video blog) describes how a Spark assignment can be used instead of a quiz or exam to engage students and check for understanding.

Spark Paper Directions

The Spark Assignment is designed to SPARK your mind.

Through curation, collaboration, and creation explain your point of view, critical thoughts, and understanding of the material in the module. You can compare to a different area of study, such as psychology, you may compare to contemporary society, there is not right or wrong, you only have to find evidence to corroborate your theories or ideas! You have four options to demonstrate your understanding. You may create:

You do not have to pay to use any of these applications! They are free to use.

You must try at least two different types of submissions throughout the semester.

Student Examples

Two students from my online Dance History course gave permission to share their first Spark assignments from the semester.

One thought on “To Create or Cram

  1. Another issue with cramming is the lack of sleep hurts memory formation – thus, long-term forgetfulness of the subject is all but guaranteed. Perhaps, this purposeful lack of sleep for students was a planned concept by academia to allow the sleep deprivation to help with leftist brainwashing. Overcoming this sleep deprivation will help open the minds of students to think for themselves.

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