Pathways to Learning

I have been immersed in online course development for almost a year.  My primary role is that of an Instructional Designer for the Collaborative Online Doctorate in Educational Leadership or CODEL, a fully online Ed.D. program facilitated by both Fresno State and CSUCI.  I work closely with each faculty member in the planning, design, creation, and launching of their online course. While there is a sense of accomplishment when a course is published, this is not the end, but the true beginning.

Effective Course design is measured by one critical outcome – Student Learning.

While a great deal of planning and work goes into launching a course, it is the student interaction, evaluation, and feedback that determine next steps in its design.  Just as we expect our students to revise their work, we need to look to student learning outcomes and feedback as we revise our online courses.  

We know our faculty are pulled in numerous directions with competing demands on time and expertise.  When supporting faculty in course design, learning opportunities must promote faculty agency and choice, providing pathways to learning that circumvent the barriers of time and location.  The graphic below illustrates pathways through which faculty can engage in the course development process. 

Which pathway is best for you?

We know our students need and want online options.  For many of our students, online courses provide pathways to achieving a degree that would otherwise be out of reach.  Having quality online courses matters.  

Where are you in the process?  How can we help?

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