Sean Q. Kelly

Sean Kelly2018 Faculty Fellow

I am Professor of Political Science at California State University Channel Islands (CI). As an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow (1993-1994) I worked for the Senate Democratic Leadership in the Democratic Policy Committee—then under co-chairs George Mitchell (ME) and Tom Daschle (SD)—as a health policy analyst. A graduate of Seattle University, I earned my PhD from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Prior to joining the faculty at CI, I taught at East Carolina University and at Niagara University. I am the author or coauthor of many scholarly articles and three books (co-authored with Scott Frisch): Committee Assignment Politics in the U.S. House of Representatives (University of Oklahoma Press 2006), Jimmy Carter and the Water Wars: Presidential Influence and the Politics of Pork (Cambria Press 2008), and Cheese Factories on the Moon: Why Earmarks are Good for American Democracy (Paradigm Publishers 2011). In addition I am co-editor (with Wayne Steger and J. Mark Wrighton), of Campaigns and Political Marketing (Routledge 2006), with Scott Frisch, Douglas Harris, and David Parker is co-editor of Doing Archival Research in Political Science (Cambria Press, 2012), and with Scott Frisch of Politics to the Extreme (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013). With Frank Mackaman of the Dirksen Center, I am co-editor of Leading the Republican House Minority: The Congressional Career of Robert H. Michel (Lawrence: University of Kansas Press, forthcoming). I am currently at work on a book—again with Scott Frisch—focusing on the congressional appropriations process.