Publications & Presentations from T&LI

Collage of Teaching & Learning Innovations presentations


Publications and presentations by the CSUCI Teaching & Learning Innovations team and faculty partners related to our work, 2015-present.


Prather, K., Burns, B., Smidt, M., & Jenkins, J. J. (in submission).  Building community in online classrooms: Best practices for instructors of higher education. School and Community Journal

Pacansky-Brock, M. , (Apr. 28, 2017) EdSurge. 5 Invisible Barriers Preventing Change in Higher Education

Balén, J. (Apr. 1, 2017) VC Star Op-Ed. Educators have crucial role in ‘post-truth’ era.

McGarry, M. (May 4, 2017), Master’s Thesis CSU Fullerton. Self-Paced Course for Instructors in Canvas Using Gamification and Digital Badges

Leafstedt, J.(April 19, 2017) EdSurge. Online Courses Shouldn’t Use Remote Proctoring Tools. Here’s Why.

Berman, A.M. & Pacansky-Brock, M. (Oct. 19, 2016), EdSurge, Higher Ed’s Technology Blind Spot: a Response to Sherry Turkle

Leafstedt, J. & Pacansky-Brock, M. (Oct. 6, 2016) EdSurge. A Step-by-Step Guide to ‘Untethered’ Faculty Development 

Hannans, J. (Oct. 1, 2016) VC Star Op-Ed. Bringing Digital Badges to job search

Jenkins, J. (AUg. 06, 2016). VC Star Op-Ed. How to stop textbooks publishers from milking students

Pacansky-Brock, M. (Jul. 15, 2016) EdSurge. Learning Out Loud: Make Online Courses Meaningful and Accessible


Online Teaching Conference, Anaheim CA, June 2017

  • Pacansky-Brock, M.  & Vose, K. Humanizing Online Learning for Social Justice and Equity (Panel)

OLC Innovate, New Orleans LA, April 2017

National Social Science Association, Las Vegas, April 2017

Marketing Educators’ Association Annual Conference

  • Pehlivan, E.,  How do I reach this kids? An experiment in Gamification.

Conference on College Composition and Communication. Portland, OR, Mar. 2017

  • Anderson, S., Jordan, R., Justice, C. Vose, K. High Touch Tech: Using Web-Based Tools to Cultivate Student Inclusion and Self-Efficacy in the Composition Classroom.”

Western States Communication Association Annual Convention , Salt Lake City Utah, Feb. 2017

  • Prather, K., Burns, B., Smidt, M., & Jenkins, J. J.  Building community in online classrooms: Best practices for instructors of higher education

DET/CHE, Los Angeles CA, November 2016

Online Teaching Conference, San Diego CA, June 2016

  • Pacansky-Brock, M. , Humanizing Online Learning.

OLC Innovate, New Orleans LA, April 2016

 National Nurse Educator Summit, Nashville, TN, April 2016

  • Hannans, J., Students’ Voice: Integrating Technology for High Impact Learning

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, March 2016

Accessing Higher Ground, Denver Colorado, November 2015

New Media Consortium Summer Conference, Washington D.C., June 2015

Emerging Technology for Online Learning, Dallas, TX, April 2015

Course Redesign Institute, June 2015 Rancho Cordova CA

  • Pacansky-Brock, M. , Conversations in the Cloud: VoiceThread

Digital Media and Learning Conference: Equity by Design (June 2015)

  • Gershovich, M.,  Croom, A., Hannans,J., & Owen, T., Domains of Their Own: Piloting Personal Cyber-Infrastructure Projects at Four Disparate Campuses

Professional Nurse Educators Group (PNEG), Indianapolis, Oct., 2015.

  • Hannans, J., Digital Tools and Open Course Technology to Engage Nursing Students