Video Captioning

Teaching & Learning Innovations is committed to supporting faculty to create accessible instructional materials.  If you have videos that you regularly use in your course that you would like to have captioned, please complete the appropriate request form below.

Video Captioning Request Forms:

ShareStream Video Captioning Request Form – For individual ShareStream videos in your CI Learn course that you have created (up to 5 videos).

ShareStream Multi-Video Captioning Request Form – For all faculty created ShareStream videos in your CI Learn course as of date submitted.

YouTube Video Captioning Request Form – For YouTube videos in your CI Learn course that you or a third party has created (up to 5 videos).

For any library owned media, contact

Video Captioning Guidelines

The following are guidelines for when to capture video and audio materials:


  • Material that that will be archived or used in additional courses that has both video and audio.
  • Any compilation of video clips that is archived.
  • Archived video material that is used in the classroom.
  • Video created by the campus and placed on a public website.

Don’t Caption (unless required as an accommodation)

  • Video and audio material that is used for one term in a class with restricted access (such as in CI Learn).
  • Short video clips from longer works (captioning only needed when clips are compiled).
  • Video material that already has foreign language subtitles.
  • Student work or raw footage that will not be archived.


Captioning Guidelines adapted from content by the High Tech Training Center of the California Community Colleges.