How to Create a Ticket System

Creating a Ticket In or Ticket Out is relatively simple. Once you know what it is your want your students to learn, develop questions that help them focus on the big ideas you are teaching.

Follow these steps:

  1. Identify the big idea you are trying to convey through the materials provided
  2. Develop a question/s (1-3) that provide students with the opportunity to synthesize and connect previous knowledge with newly learned information. Determine if you want this to be a Ticket In or a Ticket Out.
    • Today’s lesson had three objectives (State objectives), which of the three do you think was most successfully reached?  Explain. Or, which was not attained?  Why do you think it was not?
    • Read this scenario… and tell me what you would do first.
  3. Decide how you will collect this information. See Tools folder for ideas and resources
  4. Determine how and when you will respond to the Tickets.
      1. Ticket-In can be responded to in the first few minutes of a class. If done electronically the responses can be displayed for discussion
      2. Ticket-Out can be responded to in an email or Bb Announcement as a follow up after class or during the next class session.