The Blended Engagement Pilot Program

The Blended Engagement Pilot Program is meant to both improve and create experiential learning opportunities by finding ways to increase engagement, communication and connections between students, faculty and community partners using innovations in teaching, learning and digital tools. In Spring 2015 five CI faculty members from different disciplines but with significant experience with both experiential learning and digital tools will work together in a series of face-to-face and online sessions to develop concrete ideas for improving and/or creating experiential learning opportunities using digital tools. The focus will primarily be on capstone and other project-based experiential learning courses where students spend significant amounts of time working independently.  Faculty members in the pilot will also draw on the expertise and experience of faculty and staff in Teaching & Learning Innovations at CI as well as CI’s Center for Community Engagement. Final deliverables in the form of videos, presentations or reports will be made available on the Teaching & Learning Innovations website.

Facilitated by Dax Jacobson, MVS School of Business