CI Keys

CI Keys is a project aimed at improving digital literacy by providing the opportunity to master the tools and technology that make up the web. Faculty and students involved in CI Keys will have the opportunity to manage their own domain. CI Keys users will have access to powerful open source Internet tools that will allow them to create online portfolios, exhibits, online journals and magazines, wikis, FAQs, and many other kinds of digital resources and publications for use in courses, the co-curriculum or wherever and however else they choose.

Faculty and students at CI that have started a CI Keys site have created amazing projects. We have seen e-portfolios, open courses, program sites, and personal sites. Below are a few screen shots of CI Keys sites created by students at CI as part of a learning experience.

Interested in seeing what faculty at CI are creating with CI Keys? Check out these exemplars.

Want to learn more or set up your own CI Keys Site? Go to our Getting Started page or contact Michael McGarry at