Blended Learning Preparation Program

summer 2017 cohort

The Blended Learning Preparation Program (BLPP) is a faculty development effort aimed at improving student learning at CSU Channel Islands through the effective use of technology in teaching. Participants in this effort work collaboratively to redesign courses from traditional modes of instruction to blended learning. This program is unique in three ways.

  • First, it is a blended program; faculty participate in online activities that are directly linked to five face-to-face meetings. It is purposefully organized as a blended course, so faculty are able to experience learning in the mode they will be teaching, blended.
  • Secondly, it is designed around a cohort model. Faculty work together for a semester, supporting each other and sharing successes and struggles. These relationships are built on after the program is complete to help maintain the energy and effort.
  • Third,  BLPP is structured around an ongoing conversation about how and why teaching methods should change to align with the digital realities of our students.

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