Teaching in Higher Education: An Evolving Resource

pencil on paperThis week I was asked about the science of teaching. A relatively new faculty member asked about resources to would help him be a better teacher. The part I loved about this inquiry was that he didn’t just want a list of tips and tricks, he wanted the research behind the tips and tricks.  Those of you that have known me for awhile understand how excited I was by this request. However, when I went to pull together information, I quickly recognized that my current ‘go to’ resources were very tech focused. So, I set out to find current research based information that could help faculty put research on teaching into practice. In keeping with my philosophy of being untethered and open it seemed like a good idea to share what I found on our TLI blog. Below is the beginning of what will hopefully become a more comprehensive list of resources to support faculty in putting research about teaching into practice.



National Education Association (NEA) and Professional Organization Development (POD) Network have a wonderful collection of publications, Higher Education Best Practices-Teaching & Learning about teaching in higher education. All are based in research and many have practical tips for bringing that research into the classroom.


  • Faculty Focus– “publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for the college classroom”
  • Brocansky.com@brocansky focuses mostly on topics related to online learning and digital tools. Fabulous resource and very current.
  • ProfHacker – “Delivers tips, tutorials and commentary on pedagogy, productivity and technology in higher education”
  • Teaching & Learning in Higher Ed. – supporting teachers and reformers in higher education through encouraging serious engagement with the scholarship on teaching and learning.

Please contribute to this evolving list by posting your favorite Teaching & Learning resources in the comments of this post. 

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