Start Your Semester Off Right With CI Keys and WordPress Bootcamp

What is CI Keys?

CI Keys is an open web platform, free to students, faculty, and staff alike to provide your own personal unlocked piece of the web where you’re free to create online content and websites. With CI Keys, users have access to powerful open source web authoring tools, such as WordPress, that will allow them to create online portfolios, exhibits, online journals and magazines, wikis, FAQs, and many other types of digital resources. These resources can be used in courses, to showcase exemplary work, or wherever and however else you choose. While the possibilities might seem overwhelming at first, our newly published WordPress Boot Camp website is a collection of step-by-step training materials that will educate you on creating a website with WordPress and getting you up and running with your first CI Keys project! Start your new semester off right by expanding your online presence. Learn how publishing on the web can frame your digital identity, and learn to take ownership and control over the content you put on the web instead of handing it to third-party publishers with CI Keys and WordPress Bootcamp.

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