Learning from our Peers: The CI VoiceThread User Community

I’ve taught online with VoiceThread since 2007 and since then have felt like a Long Ranger in this space. Over the years, I’ve shared my self-taught skills with faculty in the courses I’ve taught, as well as on my blog, in Google+ Hangouts on Air, webinars sponsored by VoiceThread, and at conferences.

This past month has been a terrific milestone for me, as I’ve started facilitating the CI VoiceThread User Community.  CI has had a site-license for VoiceThread for a couple of years now.  VoiceThread adoption has grown quickly! In total, roughly 120 faculty accounts have been activated and about 2,300 CI students have used VoiceThread in their classes.  But, for the most part, faculty have been working independently to integrate VoiceThread into a pedagogical context.

The primary goal of our user community is to provide a forum (both in-person and online) for faculty to share examples of how they are using (or thinking about using)  VoiceThread in their classes.  The share sessions are casual and really intended to be one step in the formative process of teaching with technology.  Sharing is both an opportunity for others to learn, as well as for the faculty presenter to get feedback and new ideas in a supportive environment. I’ve found myself reflecting on how powerful this type of community would have been for me when I started using VoiceThread!

After an inaugural planning session in February, nine people joined together in the FIT Studio and online through Zoom on March 10th for our first gathering.  Michael McGarry and I demonstrated to the group in attendance how to set up a gradeable VoiceThread activity in CI Learn using the VoiceThread “Assignment Builder” feature. Then Jaime Hannans provided us with a visual overview of how she is using VoiceThread to foster humanized asynchronous (i.e. delayed) voice conversations with her Nursing students.

Here is a recording of Jaime’s great share session.

Next month, Maria Ballesteros-Sola will be sharing her VoiceThread practices with us!

Want to join in? Here’s how!

  • Stop by the FIT Studio (Solano 1201) on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 2pm (our next meeting is April 10th).
  • Join our wiki and contribute to our discussions and editable “contribute” pages.

Contact Michelle Pacansky-Brock for more information.