Online Activity Collection


This collection of online activities was curated to provide faculty with insight on how to create online activities that facilitate active learning, making them student-centered. There are many other activities that can occur online, many of which are simply not (yet) added here so feel free to follow this page! If you have an idea you would be willing to contribute, please email

Conducting Effective Online Discussions

This 6.5 minute video gives some great pointers of things to consider when conducting online discussions.

Online Conversations Around Videos Using Vialogues

In this three-part series, CI Faculty Member Kathryn Leonard provides an overview of Vialogues and why it's useful online conversations around online videos, shares how to create a Vialogue and demonstrate how she uses it in her math classes

Improving Critical Observation Using VoiceThread

This 4-minute video was produced by CI faculty member, Jaime Hannans. Jaime discusses a VoiceThread activity she has designed for her Nursing students to improve their critical observation skills.

Blog on CI Keys

The video above provides some powerful ways that blogs can be used to deepen learning.

Check out Jaime's blog posts.

Linked below is an example of a blog created by a student at CI.

If you're interested in created an e-portfolio, contact us and we will get you set up on CI Keys.

E-Portfolio Using CI Keys

The video above provides an excellent overview e-portfolio. As stated in the video, an e-portfolio is a personal website that communicates and showcases skills, experiences and learning. It contains artifacts to provide evidence of student learning and helps provide context around the artifacts with reflection.

Linked below is an example of an e-portfolio created by a student at CI.

If you're interested in created an e-portfolio, contact us and we will get you set up on CI Keys.

Curate Information and Facilitate Interaction Using CI Docs/Google Slides

Since students can simultaneous access and edit Google Slides from anywhere, at any time, it makes for a great platform for collaboration. Additionally, when a student inserts comments into the presentation, it places them along the edges of the screen and creates a threaded discussion; this works great for online discussions.  In fact, many faculty use Google Slides for online discussions in lieu of the discussion board in CI Learn.

Research, Curate and Analyze Content with Scoop.It

In this three part series, CI faculty member Dax Jacobson explains the basics of and how he uses it in his classes.

Curation assignment example

Curating Information...Letting Students Select the Tool

CI faculty member and Director of Teaching & Learning Innovations, Jill Leafstedt created this (linked above) curation assignment for her students on a Populr page. The assignment was intended to allow students to dig deeper and learn more about at topic that is of interest to them. In this assignment you curated digital artifacts in the way a museum curator curates an art exhibit. They were asked to collect a minimum of 15 digital artifacts on a specific topic and organize these artifacts using a digital curation tool. After they collected the artifacts, students were asked to write up a summary/reflection that tells the story of about what the artifacts represented. The details are listed on the page itself.