Late Work Policies

Veronica Valadez

Work submitted one session after the due date would be reduced by one letter grade or point equivalent. Work submitted beyond one session late will receive no credit.

Kristen Linton

Late work will be accepted for all assignments except the Role Play Critique. Students will lose 10% for each day that the assignment is late except in the case of emergencies or illnesses. Please contact me as soon as possible to notify me of an emergency or illness.

Chuck Weis

Be sure to pay close attention to deadlines—there are no make up assignments, or late work accepted without a compelling reason and instructor approval. All Signature Assignments can be submitted at least one week ahead of the due date to the professor to receive feedback and coaching before receiving a final score.

If you find that you have trouble keeping up with assignments or other aspects of the course, make sure you let your instructor know as early as possible. As you will find, building rapport and effective relationships are key to becoming an effective professional. Therefore, all assignments, except the online reflective journal, can be completed by working directly alongside the professor or peers.

Make sure that you are proactive in informing your instructor when difficulties arise during the semester so that he/she can help you find a solution.

Don Rodriguez

While late work is never advised it is clear that periodically life gets in the way and students must be given some latitude regarding late assignments. Late assignments will be given deductions of 5 points per day at the discretion of the instructor

Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan

Due dates are clearly shared in advance and participants are expected to submit work on time. If there is an unexpected situation that arises, please contact me before a due date and request an extension.

Mari Estrada

Late assignments will not be accepted for full credit.



up to 24hrs

10% of grade

25 hrs – 48 hrs

20% of grade

49 hrs+

No Credit