Humanizing Online Learning Adoption Toolkit


Creative Commons License
Humanizing Online Learning by Michelle Pacansky-Brock and Teaching and Learning Innovations at CSU Channel Islands is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

This toolkit has been prepared to support institutions interested in adopting this curriculum.

Recommended Adoption Guidelines

  1. A lead adopter from your institution will complete the 2-week online course facilitated by Michelle Pacansky-Brock.
  2. After the lead adopter has completed the course, the adopting institution is free to re-use and adapt the curriculum for Humanizing Online Learning provided the following statement is clearly included in the materials: 

    This course is based on original course curriculum by Michelle Pacansky-Brock and Teaching and Learning Innovations at CSU Channel Islands. The curriculum is published openly under a Creative Commons-Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 license.

  3. The adopting institution agrees to re-use the Humanizing Online Learning curriculum as a high-touch, facilitated online class that is rich with instructor presence and social presence. It is understood that offering the course as a self-paced, online class will violate the adoption conditions.  
  4. The adopted course will incorporate the human presence of a facilitator. This will involve investing resources to develop brief video introductions for each module and the use of voice or video faculty-faculty interactions (for example, through VoiceThread or other comparable tools). 
  5. The lead adopter from your organization will make an effort to share the Humanizing Online Learning podcast with participants at your institution.
  6. The lead adopter will stay in touch with T&LI at CI and support our efforts to learn how the sharing of this course is impacting faculty and students at your institution.

Download the Course

To download an exported version of the course that you may upload directly into Canvas, please click here.

Download the VoiceThread Slides

VoiceThread activities play an integral role in the T&LI instance of this course. They provide a warm, asynchronous learning environment that enables participants to connect and learn from one another through voice and video.  Asynchronous communications are important in a humanized online learning environment, as they provide students with the flexibility to participate at a time that is convenient to them. 

To facilitate this class with VoiceThread, the facilitator will, at minimum, need a Higher Ed, Single Instructor License for VoiceThread. A site license is highly encouraged to support adoption by participating faculty, particularly if the adopting institution wishes to have the VoiceThreads captioned. Please direct questions about site licenses and/or captioning to VoiceThread.

To download the slides for the VoiceThread activities, please click here.

Keep in Touch!

T&LI at CI wants to understand how your institution is using the Humanizing Online Learning curriculum and explore its impact on your faculty and students. We would also like to include the great work of your faculty in our ongoing Humanizing Online Learning podcast. Please contact me any time with updates at @brocansky or